Stephen Ford, PhD, LPCC-S

Stephen Ford, PhD, LPCC-S began his professional journey helping children in the demanding in the child welfare system. He found his niche as a dedicated counselor within a family preservation unit. From there, his path led him to work with numerous foster care agencies, lending his expertise to provide in-home counseling. Whether it was guiding children adapting to new foster homes, transitioning back to their homes, or preparing for adoption, Dr. Ford provided mental health assistance to children and the adults in their world. His journey continued in community mental health, focusing on helping children heal from tragic experiences of physical or sexual abuse, and neglect. That experience led Dr. Ford to another turning point in his career. He then joined an organization committed to supporting women and their children on their healing journey from domestic violence. All these rich and varied experiences became the foundations of his professional career before diving into the adult prison system and private mental health practice. Nowadays, you can find Dr. Ford sharing his wealth of knowledge as an adjunct professor for Liberty University and Regent University. He's also touching lives as a Clinical Counselor at Weinstein and Associates.

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