Wayne Klee, LPCC-S, LMHC

Wayne possesses a diverse clinical and supervisory background, spanning across different settings and levels of care. His career's initial seven years were dedicated to serving community mental health clinics, focusing predominantly on individuals dealing with severe and chronic mental health issues. His multifaceted role often involved counseling in homes, schools, communities, and office locations. Beyond counseling, Wayne developed a partial hospitalization program and supervised a variety of psychoeducational, therapeutic, and support groups. During his tenure in community mental health, he expanded his skill set and clinically mentored several individuals seeking licensure. Embracing the advent of teletherapy, Wayne initiated his involvement as a Psychotherapy Contractor with Talkspace, subsequently working for multiple other virtual therapy and supervision platforms. His commitment to mental health services transcends his clinical work, as evidenced by his eight-year volunteer stint at a support/suicide hotline, triaging calls from the National Suicide Hotline and a local crisis line. At present, he efficiently balances his time as a Therapy Manager for Headspace Health, providing supervision through Motivo, and offering therapy with Grow Therapy. Wayne is a trauma-informed clinician, with training in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). He is passionately dedicated to improving access to high-quality healthcare for all.

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